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Producing Grass-fed Beef in the Ottawa Valley + Garlic and Sourdough Bread
About Us
Heather and Patrick met working at OWL Rafting in the beautiful Ottawa Valley. The farm is named after a rapid on the middle channel in the Ottawa River. Their passions and interests vary, but their...
Quarter Orders of Grass-fed Beef
For those of you who want lots of beef in your freezer and may have ordered this way in the past from us or someone else, we are offering quarter-orders again starting in the spring...

What is Grass-fed Beef?

Little Trickle Farm Grass Fed BeefAt Little Trickle Farm, we raise our cattle on pasture. They eat grass, clover, legumes (like alfalfa) but NO GRAIN. All beef that is available in the grocery store is fed grain for at least part of its life. Grass fed beef is balanced in nutrients and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It is leaner than grain fed beef, but through intensive pasture management (rotating animals through the pasture) marbling is still achieved. The delicious flavour and tenderness, alongside the nutritional and environmental benefits make it the best choice!

We do not use hormones or antibiotics on our cattle. No artificial fertilizers are used on the pasture, only the manure distributed by the animals themselves.

We buy cattle at the age of one year and raise them from Spring to late Fall on the pasture. Beef will be ready in November/December of 2014. The cattle are brought to a provincially inspected abattoir/butcher where they are processed, hung, and dry-aged for two weeks. After two weeks the beef is butchered into cuts and frozen immediately. Then we pick it up and deliver it to you!

About Us

Little Trickle Farm, Patrick and Heather
Patrick and Heather of Little Trickle Farm

Heather and Patrick met working at OWL Rafting in the beautiful Ottawa Valley. The farm is named after a rapid on the middle channel in the Ottawa River. Their passions and interests vary, but their love of being outdoors, working with their hands, and eating delicious food has led them to farming and baking. Together in the spring of 2013 they started Little Trickle Farm and Heather’s Hearth.

Heather grew up on a hobby farm with chickens, horses and a small garden. In 2010, she spent nine months as an intern on a farm that produced vegetables and raised animals. After this experience, a few months in culinary school and another season spent on a grass fed beef farm, she knew she wanted to fuse farming and baking. Heather mainly takes care of the bread business and garlic growing.

Patrick grew up canoeing, camping, guiding, building, fixing-all activities done outdoors. He is now the farm jack-of-all-trades and the main tender of the livestock.

The combination of different skills has allowed Heather and Patrick to maintain a diversified farm business to provide real food to the surrounding community.

Little Trickle FarmHow We Farm

There is no definitive or short way to answer this question! We believe in self-sufficient and sustainable farming. By sustainable we mean environmentally, economically, mentally and physically. We want to foster relationships with our customers and community therefore giving them a chance to get to know us, ask us questions directly and visit our farm. Through this sense of community people can then get to know how we farm. We encourage questions and will answer any as best we can.

Saying all that, there are a few things that can be stated about our methods:

Little Trickle FarmAs non-certified organic farmers we do not use any pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers on any of our crops or fields and we only give organic, GMO-free feed to our poultry. Antibiotics are avoided in our livestock, unless treatment is absolutely necessary. Because of the way we manage our cattle and poultry by rotating them to new pasture frequently the need for antibiotics becomes almost unnecessary. Growth hormones of any kind are avoided completely.

We believe in low inputs, and recycling fertility on the farm. There is no way (yet!) that we can avoid some inputs such as chicken feed, but when we do buy we try to purchase locally and from other people that have the same values as we do.

Quarter Orders of Grass-fed Beef

For those of you who want lots of beef in your freezer and may have ordered this way in the past from us or someone else, we are offering quarter-orders again starting in the spring of 2017. Please contact us directly if you would like to order one for May/June.

  • 1/4 beef is about 100 to 125 lbs hanging weight*
  • This will take up about three milk crates full of tightly packed meat
  • Cuts come frozen in tightly wrapped brown butcher paper from a provincially inspected abattoir/butcher
  • Cuts included are: variety of steaks (sirloin, t-bone, rib steak, tenderloin, striploin), pot and lean roasts, lean ground and stewing beef, soup bones and liver or other organs

*Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass of beef when it is hanging to age at the abattoir. After the carcass has been butchered and packaged there is a loss of about 25%. You pay for the hanging weight (~100lbs), but receive 25% less (~75 lbs).

How much does the beef cost?

We charge $7.25/lb of hanging weight, plus a $10 delivery fee. To order beef we require a down payment of $200, which is approximately half of the total price. The difference is due upon delivery.

Why am I charged by hanging weight?

The abattoir/butcher weighs the carcass while it is hanging on the rail. They charge us per pound of that weight for processing. They let us know what that weight is. We can then just take that weight to charge you without re-weighing all that meat again. Our price/pound that we charge you reflects the 25% loss of weight from hanging to processed.

What if I don’t have the freezer room?

If freezer space is an issue, try our Grass-fed Beef Sharesdesigned for customers who don’t have a large freezer but still want to order a good amount of grass-fed beef.

How do I get my beef?

We are doing quarter-order deliveries on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 19, 2016. We can deliver to your door in Ottawa, or in Renfrew County for a delivery fee of $10. You are also welcome to pick up your beef at the farm in Douglas, but we only have limited freezer space. Please contact us if you wish to pick up.

Grass-fed Beef Shares

Grass-fed beef shares are back for 2017! Sign up is available now! Click here if you want to ORDER.

GET 10% off* your beef share order up to April 30, 2017! Use the Coupon Code: BEEF10
*Does not apply to quarter orders*

Organic Pastured Chickens are available for order again this year as well. There is an option to order on the beef order form. Chickens will be ready in September and will have their own delivery day.

Read on if you need to know more!

Share Options and Price

Beef shares reflect $10/lb plus $10 fee per delivery

Quarter orders reflect $7.25/lb hanging weight plus $10 fee per delivery

Share Size and Number of Deliveries

Price of Beef

Price of Delivery

Total Price

Delivery Day

Full Share 80 lbs






Half Share 40 lbs






Bulk Share 80 lbs





Saturday Nov. 18

Half Bulk Share 40 lbs





Saturday Nov. 18

Sampler Box 10 lbs





Saturday Nov. 18

Quarter Order*


$200 deposit


Unknown total until delivery

Saturday Nov. 18

*Quarter orders work a bit differently than the shares. Please click here to read more about them.

What is a share?

A share is a commitment the farmer and the consumer make to each other. You as a customer pay in the spring/summer in advance and we deliver your beef through the late fall & winter. The share is a mix of different grass fed beef cuts. 

Why pay ahead?

We purchase calves called stockers in the spring to be raised on pasture all summer long. We also have lots of fencing maintenance costs in the spring, long before we make any money from selling the beef. By paying in advance you are supporting us on our farm when we need it the most!

How does it work?

There are a few different options for share size-seen below. We do FOUR home deliveries every two months between November 2017 and May 2018. Each delivery you receive a portion of your share, that way even if you have a small freezer you can buy in bulk and we store the meat for you! You will receive a variety of different cuts each delivery.

We deliver in the CITY OF OTTAWA and locations off HWY 417 all the way to Petawawa.

When do I need to sign up by?

Until we run out!

What cuts are in my share?

In each delivery you can expect:

Approximately 50% ground and stew, 25% steaks, 25% roasts

Every delivery we will rotate what steaks and roasts you receive so that you get a variety of cuts, but cannot guarantee exactly what you will receive every delivery.

Example: One half share delivery could have

  • four 1 lb packages of ground
  • one 1 lb package of stew
  • two 1 lb striploin steaks
  • one 3 lb blade roast
What size share should I choose?

That depends on how many people are in your household, how much beef you eat and the size of freezer you own!

Below are some guidelines, but if you aren’t sure or you don’t think you eat too much beef a HALF SHARE is probably your best choice.

Share Size

Beef eating frequency (based on 2 people eating)

Size of freezer

Half Share (10lbs/delivery)

1-2 times per week

Top of fridge freezer

Full Share (20lbs/delivery)

2-3 times per week

Very empty top of fridge freezer or small chest freezer

Bulk Share or 1/4 order

Big beef eaters, or you want to spread out your eating frequency as you choose

Medium to large chest freezer

Sampler Box

1 or less times per week

Fridge top freezer or small chest freezer

When are the deliveries?

We will deliver GRASS FED BEEF SHARES on Wednesdays between 4 to 8 pm of the following dates:
Wednesday November 15, 2017
Wednesday January 10, 2018
Wednesday March 14, 2018
Wednesday May 9, 2018

QUARTER ORDERS, 10 lb SAMPLER BOXES and 40 lb/80 lb shares in ONE Delivery will all be delivered on a SATURDAY in November.

We will give you a 90-minute time window that we will arrive at your home with your order closer to the exact delivery day, but it will be very similar from month to month.

You must be there or someone else must be there to accept your delivery! If you live in a home where leaving a cooler on your porch is acceptable and you can’t be home we are happy to leave your meat in the cooler.

We will send an email reminder regarding delivery about a week and a half before the day. This email will also contain information about ordering any of the add-ons.

Ordering and Payment Options

We accept email money transfer or cheques as payment. Email money transfers can be sent to

Cheques can be made out to Little Trickle Farm and sent to: 592 Dillabough Road, Douglas, Ontario, K0J 1S0

If you are ready to order grass fed beef CLICK HERE!