What is Grass-fed Beef?

At Little Trickle Farm, we raise our cattle on pasture. They eat grass, clover, legumes (like alfalfa) but NO GRAIN. All beef that is available in the grocery store is fed grain for at least part of its life. Grass fed beef is balanced in nutrients and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It is leaner than grain fed beef, but through intensive pasture management (rotating animals through the pasture) marbling is still achieved. The delicious flavour and tenderness, alongside the nutritional and environmental benefits make it the best choice!

We do not use hormones or antibiotics on our cattle. No artificial fertilizers are used on the pasture, only the manure distributed by the animals themselves.

We buy cattle at the age of one year and raise them either from Spring to late Fall on the pasture or all year long feeding them high quality hay. The cattle are brought to a provincially inspected abattoir/butcher where they are processed, hung, and dry-aged for three weeks. After three weeks the beef is butchered into cuts and frozen immediately. Then we pick it up and deliver it to you!

Home Beef Deliveries

Hey Everyone! We’ve got an online store now! July Beef Deliveries are on Wednesday July 25th in the afternoon/evening. Please go to our store to find the cuts available and to order.

We are continuing to offer free delivery with $50 minimum order. See below for more details!

As always if you have any questions email Heather at farmoffice@littletricklefarm.ca

A few notes about the new system:

Please be patient as we learn how to use this program! It’s going to be smooth sailing in the long run but there might be some bumps as we figure it all out with you!

Create an account to order-this is like buying from Amazon (well kind of…). You’ll need a password etc to order. Then you’re in our system and no need to give us your information more than once! You will need to give us your first and last names and make an “Account Name”. We suggest your first name for this field.

The amount that you see in the checkout is NOT NECESSARILY the total you will be paying. We will get back to you with the adjusted total once we put your order together.

We will still take Cheque, Cash or Email Transfer for payment. There is no money exchanged on the online program for now.

When ordering if you haven’t reached the minimum order you will not be able to check out. Please ensure you add enough to your cart to check out!

This is where we deliver: ($50 minimum Order for free delivery)
  • Along the 417 between Petawawa and Carp
  • Anywhere in Kanata
  • As far south as Barrhaven in Ottawa
  • As far east as the 417/174 split in Ottawa

If you live in an area where you can leave out a cooler, then you do not need to be home. If not, then you must be home to receive the order.

We will send you an email with your order total by Monday July23rd. Payment can be made by email transfer prior to delivery (necessary if leaving a cooler out), or cheque or cash upon delivery.

Ready to order? Find our Store in the menu at the top or just click HERE!

Please feel free to email us with any questions about size etc. before placing your order if you are unsure. farmoffice@littletricklefarm.ca


Poultry • Garlic

Little Trickle Farm Poultry Poultry

Poultry ordering is closed for 2018! If you would like to be added to a waiting list please email us at: farmoffice@littletricklefarm.ca

Please sign up to our newsletter HERE to ensure you won’t miss out next year!

We are raising chickens again this year (2018)!

We raise Cornish Cross chickens. For the first three weeks of their life the chicks are kept inside a warm, clean building dedicated specifically to brooding chicks. They are then moved outdoors where they are moved to fresh pasture everyday. We give our chickens high quality organic chicken feed from Homestead Organics. This feed contains soy.

We require a $10 deposit per bird to reserve your chickens. They will be ready in the middle of September. Details for pick up will be communicated closer to the processing date.

Little Trickle Farm GarlicGarlic

We plant about 5000 cloves of garlic every year, of 10 different varieties. Each variety has a different hotness, flavour, size, and storage capacity. If you haven’t tried locally grown garlic before then you will be in for a treat when you try some of ours! Our garlic is also suited to plant in a home garden.

Garlic is available starting in the middle of August and depending on how fast we sell out up until January.

We also make beautiful garlic braids and bunches — the perfect gift for garlic lovers! Garlic stores extremely well in a braid.

Little Trickle Farm GarlicMost of our garlic gets sold at the Carp Garlic Festival (check out www.carpfarmersmarket.ca) and the Toronto Garlic Festival (check out www.TorontoGarlicFestival.ca). It is also available to order straight from the farm.

Contact Us

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Phone: 613-281-8524
Address: 592 Dillabough Rd. Douglas, ON K0J 1S0