About Us

Patrick, Felix and Heather of Little Trickle Farm

You’re feeding two teenage kids who eat more than you can believe, have a busy work life and you are trying to put healthy food on the table every night.

You worry about the environment and wonder if you should be eating meat. You read books about factory farms and hormones and antibiotics and are not sure how to justify buying meat from the grocery store.

We’ve been there too. We love eating meat! And we love being healthy and taking care of our environment. That’s what led us to raising animals the way we do.

As we started down this farming path we noticed small changes in our health. Little nagging health problems went away. We had more energy and felt “better.”

We realized that other people could feel better from eating grass-fed beef and pastured chickens as well. We can help you feel good about the meat you put on your table!

Healing the land, your bodies and taking good care of our healthy animals is our commitment to you!

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Yours in farming,
Heather and Patrick