Grass-Fed Beef Freezer Orders

Our ordering cycle for fall freezer orders has closed. We are SOLD OUT!

We still have beef for our home beef delivery for June 2018. Available HERE.

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This year we have four different bulk beef shares:

10lb sampler

40lb half share

80lb full share

Quarter Order

All shares/quarter orders this year will be delivered in one delivery in Mid-November. Exact dates will be determined later but will be on a weekend.

Pricing Space Requirements & Eating Frequency are below:

Share TypePrice (Delivery Cost Included)Space RequirementEating Frequency
10 lb Sampler$125About 1/2 cubic foot, will fit in fridge top or bottom freezerAbout 1lb of beef or less per month
40 lb Half Share$450About 1.5 cubic feet, could fit into a large fridge bottom freezer with nothing else in it. Small chest freezer would be preferable.About 3lbs of beef per month
80 lb Full Share$900About 3 cubic feet, you need a small chest freezerAbout 7lbs of beef per month
Quarter Order$200 deposit due by March 31st, remaining due upon delivery*About 4 cubic feet, you will need a small or medium chest freezerAbout 8-10 lbs of beef per month or 2lbs per week

*The remaining amount is usually between $800-1000.

Any other information or questions you may have about the shares/quarter orders are below!

BEEF SHARES (10, 40 & 80 lb Orders)


A share is a commitment the farmer and the consumer make to each other. You as a customer pay in the spring/summer in advance and we deliver your beef through the late fall. The share is a mix of different grass fed beef cuts. 


We purchase calves called stockers in the spring to be raised on pasture all summer long. We also have lots of fencing maintenance costs in the spring, long before we make any money from selling the beef. By paying in advance you are supporting us on our farm when we need it the most!


There are a few different options for share size. You order nowand receive your beef in Mid/Late November on a weekend. Time and date will be determined later and communicated with you well in advance.

We deliver in the CITY OF OTTAWA and locations off HWY 417 all the way to Petawawa.


March 31st, 2018. This also means FULL payment or $200 deposit for quarter orders is due or sent out by this date.


We accept email money transfer or cheques as payment. Email money transfers can be sent to

Cheques can be made out to Little Trickle Farm and sent to: 592 Dillabough Road, Douglas, Ontario, K0J 1S0


In each order no matter the size you will receive:

Approximately 50% ground and stew, 25% steaks, 25% roasts

Example: One 40lb half share could have:

Sixteen 1 lb packages of ground

Four 1 lb package of stew

Ten lbs of steaks (a mix of striploin, tenderloin, rib, sirloin & marinating steaks)

Ten lbs of roasts (a mix of pot, blade, sirloin tip, rump & inside round)


That depends on how many people are in your household, how much beef you eat and the size of freezer you own! Please take a look at the table above to get an idea of what you should order.


This order is for people who eat about 2 lbs of meat a week, or 8lbs per month.

We charge $7.25/lb for hanging weight

*Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass of beef when it is hanging to age at the abattoir. After the carcass has been butchered and packaged there is a loss of about 25%. You pay for the hanging weight (~130lbs), but receive 25% less (~98 lbs).

A quarter animal is approximately 125-140 lbs hanging weight*

This will take up about four milk crates full of tightly packed meat. Milk crates are ~1 cubic foot.

Cuts come frozen in tightly wrapped brown butcher paper from a provincially inspected abattoir/butcher

Cuts included are: variety of steaks (sirloin, t-bone, rib steak, tenderloin, striploin), pot and lean roasts, lean ground and stewing beef, soup bones and liver or other organs

Why am I charged by hanging weight?

The abattoir/butcher weighs the carcass while it is hanging on the rail. They charge us per pound of that weight for processing. They let us know what that weight is. We can then just take that weight to charge you without re-weighing all that meat again. Our price/pound that we charge you reflects the 25% loss of weight from hanging to processed.

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