How to Butcher a Chicken

Here it is! Our first video! I am not even a big Youtube watcher so to publish a video on there is kind of a big deal haha.

When you order chickens from us you pick them up fresh, but not butchered. They come whole. So what better time to learn how to cut up a chicken then when you buy from us?! It is a skill that seems intimidating but as long as you can handle a knife (and it’s sharp!) then you can do it! It is fun and satisfying to do and then you have different cuts to put in the freezer for later meals.

In the video I mention THREE different knives that you need. You might notice that I only ended up using one. Use the kind of knife that you feel most comfortable using! The only reason to have the large chef’s knife is to cut in between the joints. I just use the butcher knife because it’s already in my hand and I have practised enough to know exactly where the joints are.

If something is missing or you aren’t sure about something please comment below or send me (Heather) an email with any questions!

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Happy butchering 🙂

Tools needed:

1 butchering knife

1 paring knife (optional)

1 chef’s knife

cutting board

bowl for putting chicken cuts in

plastic ziplock bags (medium or large) if you are freezing

a sink full of soapy water!

ONE or more organic pastured chickens from Little Trickle Farm