Quarter Orders of Grass-fed Beef

For those of you who want lots of beef in your freezer and may have ordered this way in the past from us or someone else, we are offering quarter-orders again for SPRING 2018.

To order please email us at farmoffice@littletricklefarm.ca

  • Quarter-order beef is about 100 to 125 lbs hanging weight*
  • This will take up about three milk crates full of tightly packed meat
  • Cuts come frozen in tightly wrapped brown butcher paper from a provincially inspected abattoir/butcher
  • Cuts included are: variety of steaks (sirloin, t-bone, rib steak, tenderloin, striploin), pot and lean roasts, lean ground and stewing beef, soup bones and liver or other organs

*Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass of beef when it is hanging to age at the abattoir. After the carcass has been butchered and packaged there is a loss of about 25%. You pay for the hanging weight (~100lbs), but receive 25% less (~75 lbs).

How much does the beef cost?

We charge $7.25/lb of hanging weight, plus a $10 delivery fee. To order beef we require a down payment of $200, which is approximately half of the total price. The difference is due upon delivery.

Why am I charged by hanging weight?

The abattoir/butcher weighs the carcass while it is hanging on the rail. They charge us per pound of that weight for processing. They let us know what that weight is. We can then just take that weight to charge you without re-weighing all that meat again. Our price/pound that we charge you reflects the 25% loss of weight from hanging to processed.

What if I don’t have the freezer room?

If freezer space is an issue, try our Grass-fed Beef Sharesdesigned for customers who don’t have a large freezer but still want to order a good amount of grass-fed beef.

How do I get my beef?

We are doing quarter-order deliveries on a SATURDAY in NOVEMBER 2017. We can deliver to your door in Ottawa, or in Renfrew County for a delivery fee of $10. You are also welcome to pick up your beef at the farm in Douglas, but we only have limited freezer space. Please contact us if you wish to pick up.