Our Store

Welcome to the Farm Store! Here are a few housekeeping items to help you order from us:

Create an account to order-this is like buying from Amazon (well kind of…). You’ll need a password etc to order. Then you’re in our system and no need to give us your information more than once! You will need to give us your first and last names and make an “Account Name”. We suggest your first name for this field.

The amount that you see in the checkout is NOT NECESSARILY the total you will be paying. We will get back to you with the adjusted total once we put your order together.

We will still take Cheque, Cash or Email Transfer for payment. There is no money exchanged on the online program for now.

When ordering if you haven’t reached the minimum order you will not be able to check out. Please ensure you add enough to your cart to check out!

Cuts of beef that aren’t available right now will not show up in the store. That means we’re out! More cuts will be available in the fall. Please keep reading our emails to be the first to know when ordering for your favourite cuts comes back!

Only the delivery date we have chosen will be available to choose from the calendar when you order.

Thanks for buying farm fresh food from us!