What is Grass-fed Beef?

At Little Trickle Farm, we raise our cattle on pasture. They eat grass, clover, legumes (like alfalfa) but NO GRAIN. All beef that is available in the grocery store is fed grain for at least part of its life. Grass fed beef is balanced in nutrients and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It is leaner than grain fed beef, but through intensive pasture management (rotating animals through the pasture) marbling is still achieved. The delicious flavour and tenderness, alongside the nutritional and environmental benefits make it the best choice!

We do not use hormones or antibiotics on our cattle. No artificial fertilizers are used on the pasture, only the manure distributed by the animals themselves.

We buy cattle at the age of one year and raise them either from Spring to late Fall on the pasture or all year long feeding them high quality hay. The cattle are brought to a provincially inspected abattoir/butcher where they are processed, hung, and dry-aged for three weeks. After three weeks the beef is butchered into cuts and frozen immediately. Then we pick it up and deliver it to you!