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Ottawa Valley Food Coop. The Ottawa Valley Food Co-op provides monthly deliveries to its members throughout Renfrew County and as far as Ottawa. We sell our beef, garlic and flour through them.


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Grass-fed Beef

Order our grass-fed beef here on our website (fall beef shares). Westboro Ottawa Farmers’ Market, full time for the year of 2017!

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Little Trickle Farm Garlic

Get our garlic at the Westboro Farmers’ Market, when it’s in season. Order and pick up from the farm. Also check out the Carp Garlic Festival and the Toronto Garlic Festival.


Heather's Hearth Valley Sourdough Bread

Heather attends the Carp Farmer’s Market on a full-time basis. Local bread shares are available to order now for May start up.
For more information,
visit Heather’s website… www.heathershearth.ca.